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About Us

Rhonda HuntIt is quite inevitable that at one time you will need the services of a seamstress/tailor for a repair or a fitting problem or you’ve worn a spot in a cushion or your sports bag. When you do I’m your woman. Hi! My name is Rhonda Hunt. I’m happily married to . We both work from home and this allows our lives to flow with each other, our community, our family and friends while serving you. We love our customers and do our best to provide quick, reliable and honest service. We want to keep you as a loyal customer for many years to come. Aside from sewing, my passions are camping and traveling with family and friends. Sitting around a fire with some great musicians, swapping stories and songs is a good night. My husband and I were honored to go to Haiti after the earthquake and help rebuild. Check the video below.

Neighbors selected me as president of our neighborhood community group and I am privileged to serve them; helping with any issue you might imagine between neighbors or the rest of the city. My favorite; barking dogs! We have a great time and have built some invaluable relationships along the way. I was a transplant to Independence when I was entering high school, and have been here ever since. I am a wife, a mom and a grandma. I’m all about domestic. I began sewing at my mother’s knee when I was 4. I’m all about creating or fixing things. I love everything about textures and colors and how they come together (or come apart!) I’ve always made things or fixed things for other people; my friends and family. Then one day I decided to do what I love professionally. I have been trained in tailoring, dressmaking, pattern drafting as well as alterations, home décor and some upholstery. So that’s a bit about me and you know… I’d love to meet you.